Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Journey

I started up this (new) blog back in February, and began to think about where I was as an artist and where I needed to be. Goals were set, and since then I've been working toward meeting those goals. I continue to work on my portfolio, and have several pieces in the works that will eventually go on my portfolio website.

Of course not all the pieces I start will end up there. It's good to have an eye for what is portfolio material and what is not.  The swamp painting from a few weeks ago, for example, is not portfolio-worthy. I am learning that not everything I do has to be perfect (how ever much I want it to be), as long as I recognize the imperfections and learn something--and have fun doing it. Learning never ends.

I've set up profiles on several networking sites, and am trying to keep myself as visible as possible on them:
Jacket Flap

My mailer has become my central focus. I see this as the most necessary item on my list right now, and as soon as I complete it and mail it out I will most likely begin creating another one (and round and round it goes).

Below is the postcard I made in college (3 whole years ago!), which to this day continues to make me laugh. I didn't really know what kind of illustration I wanted to do then. This postcard (which I never mailed out, thankfully) really only happened for the purpose of the college assignment

When I compare the now to the college years, I see huge improvement. But my ultimate goal is still a while down the road. The motivation is there, though, and I'm trying to do something every day to get one step closer. 

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