Thursday, May 24, 2012

Car rides mean drawing time!

I am leaving for Illinois tomorrow morning to visit family over the holiday weekend. And since I will be a passenger for most of the drive, I am looking forward to having several hours to draw.

I'm quite thankful for this because lately I've been thinking so much about art and daydreaming about where this career might take me that it's been difficult to focus while trying to do tasks that aren't art related. Hopefully some quality time with my imagination and sketch pad will give me an outlet.

Hoping to post some of the sketches from the trip, but until then here is a progress shot of my latest piece. I really think this will end up being my promo mailer if it keeps going how it is. I'm planning to do a small vignette of the girl kneeling down petting the wolf to put on the reverse side of the postcard.

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