Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Journey

I started up this (new) blog back in February, and began to think about where I was as an artist and where I needed to be. Goals were set, and since then I've been working toward meeting those goals. I continue to work on my portfolio, and have several pieces in the works that will eventually go on my portfolio website.

Of course not all the pieces I start will end up there. It's good to have an eye for what is portfolio material and what is not.  The swamp painting from a few weeks ago, for example, is not portfolio-worthy. I am learning that not everything I do has to be perfect (how ever much I want it to be), as long as I recognize the imperfections and learn something--and have fun doing it. Learning never ends.

I've set up profiles on several networking sites, and am trying to keep myself as visible as possible on them:
Jacket Flap

My mailer has become my central focus. I see this as the most necessary item on my list right now, and as soon as I complete it and mail it out I will most likely begin creating another one (and round and round it goes).

Below is the postcard I made in college (3 whole years ago!), which to this day continues to make me laugh. I didn't really know what kind of illustration I wanted to do then. This postcard (which I never mailed out, thankfully) really only happened for the purpose of the college assignment

When I compare the now to the college years, I see huge improvement. But my ultimate goal is still a while down the road. The motivation is there, though, and I'm trying to do something every day to get one step closer. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Back Home

It turns out that motion-sickness medication is a bit of a detriment to my ability to draw in the car. I attempted to do a nice drawing of my Ogre for the Billy Goats Gruff project but he didn't come out looking how I wanted.

I did get some sketching done on while in the hotel, though. Here's one that I think I may use for the back of the postcard mailer I've been working on in previous posts. Or at least something to this effect. We shall see when I figure out how I want to lay out the back of the card. This has been fun!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Car rides mean drawing time!

I am leaving for Illinois tomorrow morning to visit family over the holiday weekend. And since I will be a passenger for most of the drive, I am looking forward to having several hours to draw.

I'm quite thankful for this because lately I've been thinking so much about art and daydreaming about where this career might take me that it's been difficult to focus while trying to do tasks that aren't art related. Hopefully some quality time with my imagination and sketch pad will give me an outlet.

Hoping to post some of the sketches from the trip, but until then here is a progress shot of my latest piece. I really think this will end up being my promo mailer if it keeps going how it is. I'm planning to do a small vignette of the girl kneeling down petting the wolf to put on the reverse side of the postcard.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I know a large number of the creative community has posted and re-posted this already. But for any of you artists who have not seen Neil Gaiman's commencement speech to the University of the Arts,  please take the time to watch this. It's brilliant and inspiring because....well, because it's Neil Gaiman.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Here is a detail of the first stages of this painting. Going well so far!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mothers Day

Life has been crazy lately. It happens sometimes, but I finally have something to post. 
Here is my week-late "Happy Mother's Day". I made this as a gift to my Mom-in-Law :-)

I've forgotten how much fun flowers are to paint. 
This was a very nice break from my other work!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A doodle and some cats

I will be starting to paint my wolf-and-girl-with-castle (I need a better naming system) piece tonight. I am also a good way along drawing the Billy Goats Gruff illustration on its painting surface. In the mean time here is a quick little drawing I did the other day.

And of course I had to post this. Within minutes of going into my studio one or both of the boys always end up there with me. This photo was taken after they tired themselves out by rustling through my papers and chewing on the ends of poorly hidden pencils.